Every month I choose a photograph from Flickr to appear here.  Hopefully something interesting and informative.

Fence Post

By Your Teacher


This month’s photo is from me   It’s called “All wrapped up”.   It shows a fence post wrapped in barbed wire.

It was taken in the countryside in Germany.  The caption on the photo reads, “If you’re wrapped up with someone or something it means your involved with that person or thing, to the exclusion of other things.

For example:- She is all wrapped up with her husband and his problems.

If you’re wrapped up in someone or something it means you’re obsessed with that person or thing.

For example:-

I’m too wrapped up in my web site to get a proper job.

This photo shows a fence post that’s all wrapped up with barbed wire. Or some barbed wire that’s all wrapped up in a fence post.  It depends on which way you look at it. “