Writing Definition Essays

You’ll Definitely Require a Plethora of Information

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Sometimes, writing essays requires that you describe something exactly. You want to give your readers a complete picture of the subject of your essay. This may be an essay on a certain idea. It may be you writing about a person, place, or thing. It may simply be you describing or stating what a word or term means, and it means you are in effect writing a definition essay.

A definition essay does what it purports; it defines something. The way you define something is up to you. You can use narrative, compare-contrast, or elements from other essay types in a Definition Essay. This type of essay is often a patchwork quilt of numerous other writing types sewn into one piece.

The key to a top-notch Definition Essay is research. You are looking for completeness. You don’t want to omit vital information that your readers need concerning your subject. Your job as a writer is to give an in-depth and well-rounded definition to your audience.

Consider what you look for when reading an essay or article where you want to learn more about something or someone.  Maybe you have an interest in learning chess. You noticed two competitors in a mall or outside plaza playing chess with those over-sized pieces. There’s a group of people watching the battle as it plays out.  It’s piqued your interest as to what the game involves. You decide to learn more about chess.

Any good definition piece concerning what chess is all about will certainly present many facets of the game.  A well written piece that defines the game will probably mention a little about its history.  It may present the current state of the game – who are the top players and what strategies they utilize. It may also give portents of what the future of chess is.

In other words, a definitive essay or article on chess will not merely be a dictionary definition of the game. The piece will go well beyond a simple description. It will dig deeper to give you unknown or little known information about this game. You want to do this with your definition essays. Give some history, current thought, and possible future developments concerning your subject.

Definition essays do not only deal with surface or obvious information. They go deep and “shed new light” so-to-speak on a topic. This type of essay will give different takes on its subject. It will present data, statistics, and perspectives, from diverse sources. Again, it’s all about giving readers a comprehensive definition so they know the nuances of the subject.

When researching your definition essay look for unique information that really highlights your subject. People often know the basics of a subject or traditional information presented about it. Maybe you are defining what “online social networking” is. Many people know about Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other web portals. They hear about these as they web surf, listen to radio, or watch TV. Someone’s always asking others to “Follow my Tweets on Twitter”, or “Checkout my Facebook page.”

Your Definition Essay on “Online Social Networking” will not just mention these types of sites. Your essay will include examples that define how these sites operate and the unique features of each. It will describe the capabilities of online social networking. It will describe how these sites can help people connect and businesses reach a new audience.

In other words, the reader gets a total definition of online social networking. They can feel satisfied that the Definition Essay compared-contrasted, described, gave cause and effect examples, and with strong narrative defined the subject. They will walk away with a deeper understanding and feel more confident discussing the topic with others. This is all due to you defining your subject well.

As you’re carrying out your research it’s vital that you organize it well.  The definition essay demands you present your research in a logical, clear way. Your reader is seeking a definition on something they are unclear about, and they are counting on you to present information in an organized manner. Unorganized thought may confuse them on a subject instead of enlightening them.

Your research should garner lots of information. Arrange it into groups, putting similar points of information in their own sections. Then present these sections systematically to define your subject.

Consider the chess example: One group would be “history of chess” information. Another group would be “chess pieces”, what they do. Another group may be “basic game strategies”, and another “how to build basic chess skills.” Put it together and you have the overall structure your definition essay on chess – that complete picture for your reader.

It’s true; definition essays definitely require a plethora of information. You owe it to your reader to do the necessary research. The research can be painstaking, but you present yourself as a credible essay writer who gives useful information when you do it.

Essay readers of definition type pieces demand as much information as you can toss their way, presented to them coherently an in an organized fashion. Give them the full complement of information they desire.  Define your subject well, and you will definitely build your reputation as a quality writer.