British cinema

Some films make you smile; some make you laugh; others have you rolling on the floor holding your sides. Confetti makes you do all three!

It is typically quirky English humour (good practise for those of you who may be moving here or just looking to improve your English) -blink and you miss the jokes!

The film focuses on three couples trying to win a competition for the ‘most unusual wedding’ from wedding magazine Confetti. So after a series of the most bizarre ideas, the final three are tennis, musicals and a naturist theme. The winner has already been decided by the obnoxious magazine owner and his editor. But the process of getting to that final vote is sheer joy. The two gay wedding planners reminded me of Gilbert and George (contemporary British artists) and I’m sure that was deliberate.

It makes a thorough caricature of the pitiful genre of game shows so popular at the moment using the ‘mockumentary’ style! But the best thing about it is it’s improvised nature.

The cast is brilliant; a talented bunch, established in their comedic timing and skill and heritage; most have come from top quality British television comedy.  Because of this the film manages to make you feel strong sympathy with at least one or other of the characters.  This tiny one line from Sam, the musical themed bride to be, just about summed it up for me!- “I’m slightly tone deaf, but Matt’s always said if I wasn’t tone deaf, I’d have a very good voice.”

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