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We were talking about learning English on Malta the other week, but you can do so much more there and it’s warm!

Best Tourist Spots to Explore on Malta

by  Manoj Tiwari


Malta is a collection of three islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, tourism is important in Malta. Today it is one of the major tourist destinations in Europe and well-known for its vibrant natural beauty and numerous tourist spots. It is one of the few islands in the world that is blessed with near year-round sun, which along with stunning scenery and a rich history that witnessed many glorious civilizations, marks the identity of these small islands.

Today, this island is well known as an outstanding summer vacation destination as well as a living microcosm of Mediterranean history. As a leading holiday destination, you will be amazed at some of the more interesting tourist spots that can make your  vacation most memorable and exciting. Here are some of the places that you must visit when you travel to Malta:

Blue Grotto

The blue grotto is a series of seven caves and inlets, situated on the southern side of Malta.  It’s well known for its deep blue water and impressive natural rock formations. This famous tourist spot can be easily accessed by small traditional boats, which usually leave from a signposted pier just off the main road along the southern coast.

Underwater Safari, St. Paul’s Bay

This is one of the major tourist attractions that attracts visitors from all across the world. In fact, it is one of the few spots in Malta that offer you an opportunity to view the island’s beauty from a completely different viewpoint. This sensational underwater safari will take you through creeks, and among fauna and marine life.  The unique feature of this safari is that you can view shipwrecks from the observation keel along with a commentary as you explore the sights beneath the sea.

Clapham Junction (Misrah Ghar il-Kbir)

Yet another important tourist spot Misrah Ghar il-Kbir is an area of western central Malta where deep ruts in the bedrock appear to have been formed in the distant past by wagons or carts. In addition to this, some of these ruts cross rock-cut Punic tombs.

Hypogeum, Hal Saflieni, Paola

This is a UNESCO World Heritage site and located on the southern side of Malta. 12 meters below street level, it is a unique and ancient underground monument and consists of a network of chambers, passages and caves cut on three levels.

National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta

Another famous tourist spot and well-known museum that displays items of pottery, sculptures, statuettes, stone implements and personal ornaments. However, some of the more distinctive examples are Punic and Roman Tomb furniture along with the museum’s most prized exhibits – The Maltese Venus and The Sleeping Lady.

Bir Mula Heritage House

The Heritage House is a privately owned museum that features some items found within the Cottonera area. In fact, it is one of the oldest buildings on Malta, said to be 1000 years old. It was initially bought as a home by its present owners, but during the conversion of the property, they discovered the ancient artifacts on display:

Today Malta is such a unique island where you can treat your eyes and your senses to the fascinating splendour of the different tourist destinations all around the year.  Though this island measures no more than 30 kilometers, such dynamic tourist attractions, it can be considered as an ideal place for spending a vacation with family or friends.

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