Sports Article Writing

Uncover 5 Simple Ways to Write Sport Articles

Anyone for tennis

by Sean R Mize

Writing sports articles can be rewarding and enjoyable especially for those who are die-hard fans. However, in order to create effective sport articles, you need more than just passion. You also need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Use attractive headlines. Just like when you’re writing any type of article, you also need to use a killer headline to grab the attention of your prospective audience. Your headline must say it all; it must communicate the summary of the game or the gist of your content.
  2. Lead paragraph. Always use the inverted pyramid technique when writing your sports article. By this, I simply mean put all the most important information in your lead paragraph. At this point, you must be able to give your readers everything that they need to know to understand your story.
  3. Additional information. Use your succeeding paragraphs to offer supporting details or additional information that is closely related to your story. For example, you can give your readers a recap on the number of wins and losses of the team that you’re writing about.
  4. Keep it simple. Make it hassle-free for your readers to understand your articles. You can do this by using their language and the terms that they’re used to. Don’t forget to use visuals or images that can help in promoting better understanding.
  5. Keep it short. Remind yourself that you’re not writing a novel. To keep your readers interested, make sure that you keep your articles relatively short. Use as few words as possible in getting your message across. Also use the active voice instead of passive voice not only to save space but also to make your articles sound more powerful.

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