There’s one in every office.

Man: Who did this to me? Who *did* this to me?

Ah. It musta (must have) been him – the new guy. Yes, of course it was the new guy. He knows I’m number one and he’s playing mind games with me. So, he moved the desk away from the outlet. Very clever, new guy. Very, very clever. It’s exactly what I would have done. Yes, it seems that I’m dealing with a very cool customer. It will be a pleasure doing battle with you, new guy. If in fact you are a new guy. I’ll just put him on my list.

Wait a second, I sharpened this pencil yesterday. Someone is dulling my pencils!

Of course it’s her. She deals with pencils all day long. She would know exactly what to do. She’s not even looking at me; what a *poker* face she has. She may be against me, but she’s a very, very smooth operator and I like her for that. Yes, receptionist, you’ve earned my grudging respect. You are my enemy, but you fight a good fight. I look forward to meeting you on the field of battle. Wait a second, everyone’s on my list. They’re *all* against me. I don’t know who their ringleader is, but I like their sense of teamwork. My hats off to them. They’ve done their research well. They know my weaknesses and they know the best time to strike. One of them could be a genius, maybe all of them. I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Man: All right. All right. Okay. The game is up. I know what each and every one of you is thinking and what each and every one of you is about to do. Oh, you’re good. You’re all very good; I’ll give you that. But you’ve met your match today, my friends. You’re dealing with a master now.

The boss: Sit down, you loser.

Man: Okay.