Teachings of the Horse – Blog of the month

Discover your “inner horse wisdom”.  That’s the promise made by this beautifully written blog, which is all about one woman’s experience of keeping horses.


Here’s an extract:-


“Over ten years ago, during a midlife crisis, I gave myself a gift I’d wanted all my life. My Quarter Horse, Silk, is a former Western Pleasure & Trail show horse. She retired from the ring and became my greatest teacher. Five years ago, we were blessed with her daughter, Siete (aka My Impulsive Hobby). Now, both horses live happily in our backyard.

I did so many dumb things and knew so little about caring for horses when I first bought Silk. Time and the horses have taught me some valuable lessons. I hope that I can share what I learn with other horse lovers and help people take the time to look at the world from the horse’s point of view. Their message is full of honesty, trust and love.”

A nice way to start the year.