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Have a Great Holiday on the Isle of Wight

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You might not have heard of the Isle of Wight before, but it has been a popular holiday destination in the UK since Victorian times. The island is located just off the southern coast of mainland England. It is best known for its natural beauty and for sailing, but there are many other things to see and do.

Amusement Parks

On the famous multi-coloured cliff tops of Alum Bay, you will find the “Needles Amusement Park”. During the summer season, a chair-lift takes visitors from the top of the cliffs to the pebbly beach below. And trips around the bay on a pontoon boat are available from the beach. Rides, souvenir shops and restaurants are among the park’s other attractions.

Like many of the island’s other attractions, Blackgang Chine Amusement Park is located in an area of geological and historical interest. It may well be the UK’s oldest theme park; as it was established in 1843. Today’s more modern attractions include ‘Water Force’, a long water slide with three chutes and ‘Cliffhanger’, a roller coaster located close to the edge of the cliff.

Robin Hill Countryside Adventure Park is also located on the Isle of Wight, but in the central section, away from the cliffs and beaches. The location is home to a variety of wildlife and the park focuses more on relaxing, peaceful rides through the country, rather than thrills and chills.

Museums & Castles

Museums on the island include Newport Roman Villa, Dimbola Lodge, Dinosaur Isle, The Bus and Coach Museum and Osborne House. Museum rooms and exhibitions can also be found at Carisbrooke and Yarmouth Castles. Many other museums dot the island, from coast to coast, due to the long history of invasions, imprisonments and interesting inhabitants.

Isle of Wight Zoo

The Isle of Wight Zoo is home to the largest collection of tigers in the UK, the zoo is also known as the “IOW Tiger and Lemur Sanctuary”. Lemurs of all kinds, as well as spider monkeys and capuchins are found in the primate section. Snakes, lizards and spiders are housed in the “Jeepers Creepers” building.

Country Parks & Gardens

Fort Victoria, located at the northwest tip of the island, was built in the 1850s to defend against intruders coming from the west. Today, it is the location of the island’s largest and most popular country park, with a spectacular footpath located on the coastline. Other sites of interest to horticulture fans include the Ventnor Botanic Gardens and Robin Hill.


In recent years, the rock and jazz festivals in Ventnor and Seaclose Park have drawn many performers and their fans to the island. Medina Theatre is one of the more popular venues for concerts of all genres.

With all of the interesting sights and sounds of the Isle of Wight, people of all ages will enjoy a trip. If this is your first holiday, visit some of the attractions mentioned here and come back again. There’s always something new going on.

Mandy Miller is a travel writer who writes for many quality websites including AboutBritain.com - Published with permission.