British cinema

Last night I went to see my first 3D film. Maybe that shows my age, but the experience was brilliant! And yet I was amazed how quickly I became used to it and stopped jumping every time something came shooting out towards me!   Anyway, you may gather I went to see Avatar.

Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m not particularly snobbish about what films I enjoy; my tastes are fairly eclectic, but honestly! A 10 year old could have written a more compelling, intelligent, and heart wrenching script.

It’s such a shame, considering how much money they spent, but when you see the other films James Cameron has made (Titanic, Terminator, True Lies et al), it does go some way to explain why it fell short. He is high on special effects but low on substance.

Aside from a seeming lack of skilled script writers, another problem for me was the constant ‘music’ and I use the word facetiously, which was obviously meant to help us understand the highly complex plot; we, the audience are not intelligent enough to realize the relationship/fighting/sadness in the film without the emphasis of accompanying mood music.

When are director’s going to get it right?

Having said all that I DID enjoy it. So long as you don’t go expecting great insight and philosophical wisdom, you’ll have a good time.

Watch the trailer:-