Change 4 Life

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Change for life

Voiceover:  Once upon a time life was pretty simple.  The food was pretty fast, but it could be fun, if we caught our mammoth, or whatever.  Then, life changed.  In many ways it got easier, nobody had to run around for their food, or anything else much for that matter.  Until one day, we woke up and realised, that nine out of ten of our kids would grow up to have dangerous amounts of fat build-up in their bodies, which meant they could get things like heart disease, diabetes, and  cancer, and many could have their lives – cut short.

So, we thought, that’s not more of a life, that’s less of a life.  Maybe we should get together with our kids and eat better, move more, live longer and change for life.  And we all lived happily – not exactly ever after, but more ever after than we had done.  To find out how you can change for life, go online and search “change for life”.

!Note – This kind of advert has a special name, it’s a “Public Service Announcement”.  Change for Life is a campaign being run by the NHS in the UK.  If you’re interested you can read more about it on their website:-