How to Write a How-To Essay That Inspires Your Readers to Action

Do you know how to do something that you find others asking about frequently? Alternatively, are you a quick learner, with a knack for picking up systems, processes, or just general ways of “doing things”?  Do you find you can easily explain ways of doing things in a lay-person’s terms to others to help them accomplish tasks? If so, you’re the perfect candidate for writing a How-To Essay. If not, you can certainly learn how to write a How-To Essay, so that you can pass your knowledge on to others and inspire them to “get at it.”

How-To Essays are popular because they impart knowledge in an easy-to read, clear, succinct manner. Today, people are always searching online and in print for useful information. They want tips, advice, guidelines, and procedures to help them perform various actions.

Your average How-To Essay should give them all of this in a concise organized fashion. You tell readers what process you’re going to explain, and then you explain it by listing your tips. Let’s look a little closer at the elements of a How-To Essay:

1. The Title

Your title must tell your readers, immediately, what your How-To Essay is about. The title of this piece is very clear. You’re getting tips on how to write a How-To Essay that will make your readers want to do what you’re explaining. You know exactly what the intent of the article is right away.

The title, “How to Write a “How-To Essay” That Inspires Readers to Action” states what you will learn and what benefit it will produce. But you need to keep your How-To headline simple and clear.

2. Introductory Section

In your introductory section, define the topic, and the tasks, processes, systems or such that your readers will learn. State this clearly. The opening section of this article defines the topic – that How-To Essays are a way to impart useful information to readers in a clear way. It also defines what you will learn; you will learn the process of how to write a How-To Essay that inspires.

3. Main Body Section

In the main body of your How-To Essay, you list your steps for how to accomplish the task. With each step, you provide a few supporting statements. Don’t overdo the supporting statements, as your readers want quick easy-to-read tips. Looking at this article, you can see that the main body starts at “Step #1 – The Title” and progresses from there in numbered point fashion to Point #4.

4. Conclusion

Upon listing your How-To steps, quickly wrap-up your essay. Don’t get too long-winded here. You can include a “call to action” at the end, something that you want your readers to do. This gets them acting on the advice you just presented to them in your essay. The conclusion of this article has a call to action…so keep reading!

The above are simple “How-Tos” for writing your “How-To” Essay. Choose a topic that interests you, on a certain activity, process, or task and let others know how to do it. Start your How-To Essay today, and provide interesting and useful information that helps make life just that much easier for others.


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