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Jockey:  Yeah.  I vary it a bit.  Warm milk, honey, banana

Horse: And hay.

Jockey:  No, not hay.

Voiceover: Had you had your Weetabix?

!Note – Weetabix is a whole grain wheat breakfast cereal produced by Weetabix Limited of the United Kingdom and manufactured in Burton Latimer, Kettering.  It was invented in Australia in the 1920s by Bennison Osborne. He and New Zealand partner Malcolm Macfarlane sold the Australian and New Zealand rights for “Weet-Bix” to Sanitarium Health Food Company  in 1930. Osborne and Macfarlane then formed the “British & African Cereal Company Pty. Ltd.”, and began exporting the product to South Africa. When they introduced the product to the British market they renamed the product “Weetabix.” In 1936, the name of the company was changed to Weetabix Limited.