Toast (the story of a boy’s hunger)

by Nigel Slater

What people have eaten and cooked is in many ways an autobiography. Toast is the story of food writer, Nigel Slater’s, childhood and adolescence told through food.   His story begins with burnt toast and ends with profiteroles and hot chocolate sauce. In between you’re introduced to a universe bounded by Caramac, grilled grapefruit, Terry’s All Gold, Bisto, crab-and-watercress sandwiches, cheese-and-onion crisps, Campbell’s meatballs in gravy and lemon meringue, hostess trolleys, Hush Puppies, Pyrex plates, driving gloves of string and leather, books from the Folio Society, winceyette sheets, salmon pink begonias, Dreft, The Golden Shot and Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased).  It’s a very personal story, but it also has moments of hilarity and (be warned) rude bits.

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