It’s England in 1978, Timothy and Naomi discover love in an Earls Court Hotel: Timothy’s ambition is to take on his father’s taxidermy business; while Naomi dreams of a career on stage.  But once their liaison is discovered they split up and across the next 30 years their lives continue to interweave, and occasionally cross – bound by the pull of that intoxicating first love. We (the readers) know they’re made for each other but things, births, deaths, marriages, life in general keep getting in the way.  Will their destinies ultimately unite them?

This is a funny book; it made me laugh out loud several times, but it’s more than that.  Like most good books it raises points that make you think, without preaching at you, without handing you the answers on a plate, and the quality of the writing is extremely high.  A great read.

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