British cinema

It’s so nice to find a genuinely original and unashamedly British movie.  Don’t let the title put you off, this isn’t about rattling bones, it’s about the skeletons that people keep in their closets and it won the best new British feature film award at the Edinburgh film festival.

The film is about two emotional exorcists who travel around the country carrying out “the Procedure”, which helps people reveal secrets from their pasts in order to get on with their futures. Most of the jobs they take on are routine in-and-out affairs, but when they’re sent to a country house to help a woman find her missing husband, things don’t quite go according to plan and soon their enigmatic boss, The Colonel shows up to oversee their work.

Meanwhile, one of them finds himself getting emotionally involved with the woman and her two children – a bright young child called Jojo and her mysteriously mute teenage daughter Rebecca, and all the time he becomes increasingly hooked on “glow-chasing” (using “the Procedure” illegally to reconnect with comforting moments from his past) which begins to interfere with both his personal life and his ability to do his job.