Every month I choose a photograph from Flickr to appear here.  Hopefully something interesting and informative or just plain silly.

That's Handy

This month’s photo is from me.  It’s called “That’s Handy” and was taken on a walk in Shrewsbury, England.

The caption on the photo reads, “If something is “handy” it’s convenient or useful.

Of course in this photo there’s nothing handy about this glove, someone must have lost it, but it does look like a hand – hence handy. At first I thought it was levitating, but it’s actually stuck on a stick. I hope the owner finds it.”

It’s a photo of a blue glove that has obviously been lost by someone, and found by someone else, who has stuck it on a stick in the hopes the owner will see it.

!Note – handy is German for a mobile phone, which is quite logical really, because mobile phones are very handy.