“Couples argue about a lot of things – money, seeing old partners, football, having children, looking after children…and football. Clothes, washing up…and football. If you think about the relationships you’ve had, football is probably the cause of more arguments than anything else.” From TV’s funniest male/female double act comes a hilarious new book about the wrangles, rows and off-side rules of relationships. Ronni’s challenge is this: to wean a die-hard football fan off the not-so-beautiful game. She needs a guinea pig on whom she can try out her theory. Who better than her best friend and ex-boyfriend, the truly obsessed Alistair McGowan? If she can persuade Alistair and all the men like him that there are more fulfilling ways of spending time than reading sports pages and watching Match of the Day, then surely she will help women all over the world to richer, more rewarding romantic lives. But could Alistair every really give it up? And if he did, what would remain of the man? Part comic self-help book, part confessional memoir, How To Wean A Man Off Football, aka A Matter of Life and Death, is a brilliant and original take on the differences between men and women.

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