Kellog’s Nutri-Grain

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Nutri-grain Soft Oaties

Reporter:   I’m here, outside an embassy where a situation has developed.   The snack makers, Nutri-grain, have just announced their launching delicious, soft oaties.  This is what all the fuss was about.  Yes, as you can see, soft, oaty, deliciousness.  Look at it.  Melty, choccy chippy, yumminess.   Look at it again.  Diplomat, what’s your stance on this?
Diplomat:   You’re not a real reporter, are you?
Reporter: No.  I’m a baker.  I bake things.

Voiceover:  New Soft Oaties, from the Nutri-Grain baker.

!Note – Nutri-Grain is a brand of breakfast cereal and breakfast bar made by the Kellogg Company.  There are various Nutri-Grain Bars made from breakfast cereal bonded together into a bar.  The bars became popular in the 1990s as an “on-the-go” food. It is estimated that over 4 million Nutri-Grain bars are sold per day world wide. Soft Oaties are part of their range of cookies.