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The resort of Blackpool is famed for countless things like the Blackpool Tower and Circus, the Pepsi Max Big One at the Pleasure Beach and the historic tramway. Nevertheless, it is the Festival of Light and the Blackpool Illuminations that are the town’s biggest attraction.

The Blackpool Lights shine each year for sixty six nights beginning in late August or early September to early November. They light up six miles (10km) of the promenade. It is a spectacular scene; one which is enjoyed by young and old. The show stretches from Starr Gate at the south end of the town to Bispham in the north.

There really are many options for seeing the lights. You can, of course, drive yourself, however a common mode of transport to observe the Lights is by tram. You will discover that the illuminated trams shape part of the show and give excursions that run the full span of the Illuminations. Another option is the Illuminations Coach Tour where you can sit back and have a fun-filled journey through the lights with expert commentary, behind-the-scenes secrets and informative facts, all provided by your personal Illuminations Guide.

The Blackpool illuminations are way more than just a show of lights. You have to see it for yourself to truly understand the experience. There are indeed many coloured lights but they are arranged in many different forms providing a regularly moving and varying show. You will find some sections which are best observed on foot as they are made up of illuminated panels providing an entertaining image show. There are also laser light shows that will no doubt amaze you. Some of the illuminations tell a story and even incorporate music and water fountains to provide the most impressive entertainment.

If you have visited the Blackpool Lights in the past, you may feel you’ve seen it all before, but you would be mistaken. Every year, there are new sections added and they are always larger and better and even more incredible than before. The existing illuminations are re-arranged and enhanced upon every year, so there really is always something new and exciting.

There is plenty to see and do in Blackpool all through the illuminations. Opening night is always extremely busy as there is a ceremony that attracts a huge quantity of tourists. The Illuminations are usually switched on by a famous personality and there is an open-air live concert leading up to the event. October half term is another enormously popular time to see the lights so, if you wish to visit during those busy times, you do have to book your hotel early.

The resort of Blackpool has a great deal to offer; it has always been a popular location for summer season holidays. Nevertheless, as Blackpool Illuminations are staged in the autumn when most other beach destinations are closing for business, it is also a popular getaway for autumn breaks. Throughout the illuminations, all of Blackpool’s attractions are very much open for trade and you will find there are many stage shows and events to entertain you. A trip to Blackpool Illuminations is not to be missed and will no doubt supply a breathtaking, vibrant and thrilling experience for everybody.

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