Aunt Bessie’s Roast Potatoes

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Margaret:   What now Mabel?   It’s not more Yorkshire’s is it?

Mabel: It is!  With chicken, and roast potatoes!

Margaret: Roast potatoes! On a Wednesday?  They should be half-cooked, and soggy.

Mabel: They’re not you know.

Margaret: But she’s only been in for 32 minutes.  Right.  I’m going in closer.  —-  Mabel.  Assistance please.

Voiceover: Get a helping hand from Aunt Bessie`s.

!Note – Aunt Bessie’s is a UK producer of traditional frozen food products.   They began as the first producers of frozen Yorkshire puddings when they started supplying Butlin’s Holiday Camps with millions of Yorkshire puddings in 1974.  Now it produces more than 20 million puddings a week at its factory in Hull.