Contrary to what you might think when listening to older relatives recount stories of past Christmases (you know the ones, where they tell you about the good old days and explain that things are not quite like what they used to be) the festive season has indeed changed. Things are not the way they used to be, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, wouldn’t it be terrible if things always stayed the same?

With all the talk of oil prices and climate change, the most visible difference must surely be the weather. There once was a time when the British Isles actually had recognizably distinct seasons, where summer would bring long sunny days and the winter months would bring bracing cold weather. A time where you could virtually guarantee more than a smattering of snow. You could literally bet money – and be confident of winning – on Christmas Day being coated in a beautiful and sparkling frosting of snow.

And no doubt, that seasonal regularity definitely made it easier to choose Christmas Gifts. It was cold, so gloves, scarves, mittens and heavy coats were very much in demand, and you could pretty much guarantee that any friend or loved-one would be delighted by Christmas Gifts that, not only helped them stay warm, but also let them play around in the snow.

But, as we said, times have indeed changed. Your Gran was right. Just because it’s Christmas, it no longer means it’s going to be cold, or snowing. It could be raining – probably worth placing money on that – or it could be sunny. Whereas in the past, the person up in the sky who decided upon the weather used to plan well in advance, the trend nowadays really is to just see what takes his or her fancy on the day, and conjure up something accordingly.

And while all this is fine, it makes things a little less straightforward when choosing Christmas Gifts. It’s not necessarily going to be cold – so at least you’re probably safe from the almost iconic hand-knitted jumper, complete with a tactile reindeer motif – so you can’t be sure that the previous repertoire of Christmas Gifts is really going to cut the mustard.

So, in order to make sure that friends and family members really are chuffed when they unwrap their presents on the big day – which, depending upon the exact Christmas tradition you follow, could either be on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day – it’s good to plan strategically. Take mum, for example; you don’t want to resort to either a cliche, or the same kind of thing that you’ve bought in the past. Mums deserve a bit of thought, style, sophistication and above all, mums deserve Christmas Gifts that let them know how much you care.

For mums who love their photographs, that message could be conveyed with a Number 1 Mum Frame. This beautiful silver frame not only spells out, in no uncertain terms, exactly how important your mum is, it also offers the perfect opportunity to put some precious and treasured memories on display, which is exactly where they should be. Another Christmas gift for Mums with similar sentiment is the I Love My Mummy Mug and Frame Set. Potentially ideal for younger gift givers, this choice gives mum the perfect opportunity to enjoy a favourite picture with a relaxing cuppa. Lovely stuff.

That perfect gift for dad should also be given extra special thought. Because times have changed, most dads will be looking for a little more excitement that one would usually find in a multi-pack of socks and a bottle of aftershave. When making the final decision, it’s good to think along the lines of excitement, passion and adventure – and then book your dad onto a Rally Rush Experience Day.

So long as your dad doesn’t have any heart problems and is below a specified weight limit, the Rally Rush Experience Day really is the perfect Christmas gift. Not only will dad get more than one car session of approximately eight to ten minutes each, he will also get to ride shotgun whilst a professional shows the car exactly who’s boss. It really is two hours of non-stop action and excitement that will give your dad a Christmas to remember – and I bet it’s not something your grandparents would have considered doing all those years ago. But then, after all, things have changed and cars are much faster these days.

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