Running a club? You may want to consider starting a club newsletter, as it’s a great way to keep members up-to-date on news and upcoming events. Many members tend to grow apart with their clubs primarily due to a lack of staying in touch. Having a newsletter ensures everyone keeps abreast.

When certain updates are applicable in your club, you have to inform all your members to let them know about the current events or plans. That is why, there are clubs which keep on going and there are some who fail to grow as time goes by.

To work on it, writing a club newsletter is an effective and important way to gather all the members up. Also, potential members can contribute something great for the benefit of the club only if they know the latest events of the group and other useful information that can help them and the club grow.

It is very important that the club newsletter editor should know on what to do to keep all the members interested about the announcement or for them to participate for their club.

Avoid any poor and dull club newsletter writing. It will not only make your members unresponsive for the club but you can lose them eventually if they feel something’s dreary about it.

Writing a newsletter has its own format and structure. You have to be aware about it or else, you might fall into the wrong way of writing club newsletters.

The content also matters. It clearly discusses what the topic is all about. It has to be simple, straight to the point yet very interesting in the minds of your readers.

Many writers are aware about writing original texts. Therefore, if you write club newsletters, it has to be unique and creative. Plagiarism is not advisable in writing and everyone knows that.

Here are a few ways to spice up your club newsletter (apart from making sure it reads well with the use of a newsletter writing software):

1. Have photos of your members and activities. People like to see their club and fellow members in action. It’s also a nice way to encourage absentee members to finally show up, especially when they can see peers enjoying themselves in club-related activities.

2. Include a list of your club’s latest accomplishments. This lets members know how active the club is, from gaining new members to successfully holding events. Always tie the accomplishments to your club’s mission and goals to make it meaningful to your members.

3. Throw in a wish list. This is an indirect way of telling members what the club currently needs, so that those in a position to contribute may be able to do so. Include information on how interested individuals can send in their donations.

4. Provide a calendar of activities. Make sure to let readers know what events, meetings and other activities you have coming up. This helps them plan their schedules, paving the way for a higher attendance rate.

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