On the Internet, nobody knows you are a dog – but they would do well to suspect it.  If you do a lot of social networking, you might want to think twice before reading this dark tale by Joanne Harris.  Don’t let your love of Chocolat or Blackberry Wine lull you into a false sense of security, this is a dark tale.  The story follows the postings of two unreliable narrators, forty-something Blueeyedboy, who still lives with his mum, and the younger Albertine who’s known BB all her life.  Both are damaged from their childhoods and neither is who they seem. Their web entries are either “restricted” in which case they are private journal entries that seem to be truthful, or “public ” in which case they are likely to be fantasies or works of fiction (“fics”) posted to entertain other members of the web community.   As the past and revelation of who “BB” and “Albertine” really are unfolds there’s a growing sense that BB is about to go over the edge.  We learn (or think we do) more about them, but the line between reality and fiction blurs, revealing truths about people we only think we know.

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