Direct Line – Accident Recovery

Click “Read More” for the transcript, but watch the video first.

Salesman:  So, as well as offering 12 months car insurance for the price of 10, our careful drivers can get 65% no claims discount.

Customer:  All very interesting, yes.  The lean forward – classic sign of deceit.  I’m a bit of an amateur behavioural psychologist.  Ah!  What’s going on now?  Your eyebrows, they’re all over the place.  What’s really going on here?

Salesman:  Just trying to tell you about our car insurance deal.

Voiceover:  It really is quite straightforward.  Get 12 months car insurance for the price of 10.  Direct Line.


!Note -  Direct Line is part of the RBS Insurance division of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group that specialises in selling insurance and other financial services over the phone and internet.   It was the first telephone insurer in the UK when launched in 1985 by founder Peter Wood, and soon became the UK's largest provider of motor vehicle insurance. Its head office is located in Croydon.  It was effectively nationalised alongside RBS in November 2008 during the banking crisis.