Every month I choose a photograph from Flickr to appear here.  Hopefully something interesting and informative or just plain silly.

Royal Wedding Tat in Tetbury>

This month’s photo is from me.  It’s called “Royal Wedding Tat in Tetbury” and was taken on my last trip to the UK.  It’s a photo of the window display of the Tetbury TI office, which as you can see was suffering from a bit of royal wedding fever.

The caption on the photo reads, “

You might have heard Tom mention the word “tat” in Wednesday’s Skype session. And I thought about my photo from my recent UK visit.

The word “tat” has several meanings:-

It can be used to describe a form of looped and knotted lace needlework made from a single thread.

It’s also a verb – to tat – which means to make the kind of lace mentioned above.

It is often used to refer to academic or liturgical dress.

It is also slang for tattoo.

And last but not least, it’s used to describe something cheap and vulgar.

You can decide what definition I meant in my title.”

BTW – If you look closely, you can see my reflection