Some people are having a bit too much fun with English. Seemingly there’s a new craze among Facebook users, Supermarket Scrabble. In Supermarket Scrabble players take advantage of the fact that stores emphasise the first letter of herbs in a large font on the label. The mischievous shoppers rearrange the pots to spell out offensive words, for instance taking two pots of bay leaves, two of onion granules and a jar of sage to spell out ‘BOOBS’.

The players then take a quick snap with a smartphone and the evidence is on Facebook before workers at the store have even realised what is going on. The Facebook group claims that the aim is to brighten-up mundane trawls up and down the aisles. ‘To make trips to the shops more fun, try arranging things on the shelves to make new, amusing and even rude words, images or sculptures’.

Now I’m not advocating any of you should join in these childish antics, but if you do, send me a photo. 🙂