A selection of headlines from stories in the news. They use English in a way that you might think is intended to confuse but it’s all perfectly clear to the native speaker.


The full headline in the Daily Star reads, “Train passenger tries to book a neigh day.” It’s a story about a man in Wrexham who tried to take his pony onto a train going to Holyhead.  He asked station staff for, “Two tickets please – one for me and one for my horse.”  A passenger Mike Herbert, said: “I’ve heard of the Pony Express, but this was ridiculous. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the lift opened.”

A neigh day, is a play on the word awayday, which is a kind of train ticket in the UK bought for a trip taken for pleasure, relaxation, or a day excursion.  The “Pony Express” was a system of rapid mail transportation by relays of horses that operated from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California, in 1860-1861 and an Express Train is a train run at express or special speed that makes very few stops.