It’s harder and harder to think of new twists for science fiction. Most of it has been done to death, but with Attack the Block, Joe Cornish has managed it.

His sci-fi, horror/comic adventure lures you out of the normal expectations yet delivers several shocks which actually made me jump! And I’m not easily frightened! (try and watch it at the cinema – lots of it won’t work that well on the small screen) The action is considerably confined in area and the ‘special effects’, while they work well, are a small part of the film  particularly when compared to the mega buck  offerings of the USA. Yet it surpasses the most recent of those by a considerable mile!
The pitting of a gang of ‘youf’  from the inner city tower blocks against aliens that are slowly and, I have to say masterfully, revealed is cinematic magic. You catch only the merest glimpse and it takes most of the film to get a real look. True genius! Oh, and they really are ‘horrid’ – there are no redeeming features or altruistic intentions from these aliens!

You gradually become involved with the characters which are originally portrayed in the usual cliched manner. Their backgrounds and stories are sometimes only hinted at but all the better for that. No excuses are given and at the end you are rooting for them completely!

The ending confirms that you were right to do so!