Getting It All Done But Getting The Balance Right

As a working mum I run my own business, and keeping everything up in the air takes military precision and timing. Everyone can benefit from getting themselves organised at home and at work.

Here are my top 10 work tips:-

It really comes down to making lists and prioritising what you do. I write a to do list at the end of each day so I can get stuck straight in at the start of the following day.

I limit when I check emails. Hundreds come flooding in each day so I make a point of looking at them three or four times a day and then responding / actioning as appropriate. It makes your time much more effective.

Everyone is different in terms of when they are most productive. If you can analyse when this is then it is useful to schedule important activities to match.

Working from home gives me flexibility but it is also easy to get distracted. You have to discipline yourself so that you do not do housework when you should be focused on your job or business. It is exactly the same with focusing on non important jobs when other important tasks are stacking up.

Everyone struggles with time but by keeping a close eye and monitoring how you spend it you can see what activities are taking too long. It could save both time and money to delegate/outsource, whether that is getting in an extra pair of hands for admin or sharing project responsibilities.

Working in good conditions is key. I try to keep a clear desk and it is important to factor in clearing up time into your day. It is easy to let things pile up, you will then find that time gets wasted by searching through piles of paperwork. You may also lose important paperwork, or run out of time when trying to complete actions.

If you work from home then burning oils can give your working environment good karmaa.

If you work in an office, or away from home, then burning oils may not be an option but you may be able to personalise your workspace with photographs, cards or screensaver.

It is useful to re-evaluate how you spend your time every few months to see where you can save time and get the right balance.

Top life tips

Whether you work from home or not, when you clock off you need to put thoughts of work out of your mind and focus on family, friends etc. It can be much more difficult in practice but taking time out is essential if you are going to be productive at work and in your private life.

Experiment with relaxation techniques. It is easy to get caught up on the treadmill of life but trying out new things can help bolster you. Why not try a facial, a pilates class, running round the park or a session in a float tank? Different things work for different people, it is important to find what works for you.

I carry a notebook with me everywhere I go. It helps with noting down ideas and thoughts but also things I need to do, it helps me keep on top of work and family. It helps to reduce stress too because if you can get it all down on paper then you feel much more in control, you do not feel overwhelmed by keeping everything in your head.

If you do work from home then it is useful to have a dedicated space for your work area that does not interfere with family space. Otherwise, you will always be tempted with work distractions. If your work area is in a separate room then it is much easier to cut off. Likewise, it is easy to get sucked into taking work home. Though it may be necessary on occasions, if you do it on a regular basis then you need to re-evaluate.

Sometimes it really is worth the money to get someone to help out with the cleaning or ironing, if you can afford it then it could save you valuable time to spend with family and friends.

A regular spring clean at home and clearing out items to go to the charity shop is a great way to keep things tidy but also get the family involved.

Keeping everything running smoothly both at work and at home can be difficult at the best of times. Remember that your family and friends can provide a support network, it is all about team work.


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