I nearly didn’t recommend this film, because it’s rude – very rude, but it’s also very very funny. If you liked American Pie, and you enjoy British accents, you’ll like this, in fact they could have called it Brit Pie.

The Inbetweeners started its life as a sitcom on E4 (British TV channel), which followed the growing pains of a group of middle-class adolescent lads as they experienced the joys of a comprehensive school education.  The film focuses its attentions on the misadventures of this group of young men as, at the end of their school years, they take their first road trip together, no parents, no teachers, and very quickly, no money.  Our heroes embark on a post-sixth form Mediterranean jaunt with impossibly high hopes of reinventing themselves and “pulling”, their antics are cringingly painful at times, and the language is attrocious, every other rude word under the sun makes an appearance, so you might need a quick link to the online Urban dictionary loaded onto your smartphone.  The jokes are fast and crude, and in a language the target audience will understand, but it will be challenging to anyone who isn’t a native speaker.  The great thing about the film for me is that it contains many fond observations of British holiday rituals, and the worst excesses of a typical “lads holiday”.

I can’t even add a trailer, because it’s too rude.  All I can say is, 15 rated films aren’t what they used to be.