Groundhog Day – Student Film Review

This film has been recommended by Fahrudin.  Here is his review:-

Groundhog Day is an American comedy film directed by Harold Ramis.  It stars Bill Murray, a famous actor who has received many awards, and it is based on a story by Rubin.

Self-centered and witty TV meteorologist Phil, his new producer Rita and cameraman Larry, travel to Pennsylvania,to record the annual Groundhog Day festival.  When they have finished recording and attempt to return home, they find the roads clogged with snow.   They have to stay where they are.  In the morning, Phil wakes up and realises that the same day is repeating over and over again. In the beginning he becomes desperate and tries to kill himself and hurt other people, but eventually he takes advantage of it to improve himself.  After he does many good deeds and decides to retire together with Rita, he breaks the time loop.

The film teaches us to use our free time to become better people and not on nonsense.  The time of life we have on Earth is not forever, but we behave like it is.  Mahatma Gandi said: ”Live as if you will die tomorrow, but dream as if you will live forever.” Most importantly we must not take life too seriously, we are also here to enjoy and to help society.  I think the actors did a great job.  The story is character building and interesting, the scenery is beautiful and the music is perfect.

I recommend the film because everyone who sees it will get a healthy dose of humor.  It  speaks to people of all ages and it seems to have a deeper message, but at the same time it is simple and funny.

I hope you enjoy it.


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