Del:  All right?   All right Grandad, we’re ready!  You can start undoing it now!


Grandad places the spanner on the nut and begins easing  it round.

Grandad:  It’s coming Del Boy!  One more turn Del!


Del: Right. Now brace yourself Rodney, brace yourself.

Grandad gives one last bang with the hammer and the nut comes free.

In the hall the second chandelier crashes to the floor with an almighty 17th-century crystal sounding crunch.

Del and Rodney stare at each other for a few seconds before turning to survey the damage.

Del: (In shock) Grandad was undoing the other chandelier!

Rodney: How can you tell?

They descend the ladder slowly, lowering the canvas bag gently to the floor. They walk slowly towards the remains of the chandelier, broken shards of crystal crunching beneath their feet.

Grandad descends the stairs blissfully unaware.

Grandad: All right Del Boy?

Del: All right? What do you mean ‘all right’? Look at it!

Grandad:  Did you drop it Del?

Rodney: Drop it? How could we drop it?  We wasn’t even ‘olding it! We  wuz working on that one!

Grandad: Well I wish you’d have said something. I was working on this one! Is it very valuable Del?

Del: No, not really! It was bleedin’ priceless when it was hanging up there though!

Rodney: What’s his lordship gonna say when he finds out?

Del: Well, I think I can safely say  that my invitation to the hunt ball has gone for a burton!

Wallace: It’s broken!

Del: Look, what the hell do you know about chandeliers anyway?

Rodney: I think he’s tumbled Del.

Wallace:  I shall telephone his lordship at his cottage immediately!

Del: Yeah, well, tell him to phone  us at home. Oh. by the way, has his lordship got our home address and telephone number?

Wallace:  No!

Del: Good! Right, out of it. Go on.

The Trotters run for the door, jump in the car and drive off.