There was an elderly, widowed sixth form algebra teacher in Nottingham, who, as a result of the many years and the many students she had had to put up with, became convinced that she was an equilateral triangle.

When she was cornered, she always looked for a new angle, but in her own way of circular thinking she could never measure up.

She treated everyone equilaterally, until someone called her a square. Although this may have been an acute observation, it was not right. The Pythagorean who made this accusation did not realize that it was actually an obtuse theorem.

The teacher was put on a plane, sent away and committed for her polygonous belief. Many thought that being institutionalized would scalene down her parallelanoia, however, it must have been geometrically impossible to solve that equation.

To sum up … there is good news and bad news. The good news is that she was cured of believing she was a triangle. The bad news: in a special, isoscelestic, 180° turn, she now thinks she is trapped inside a triangle.

Does that mean that she is trapezoid?


Thanks to James