Subtitling TV programmes has become the norm in the UK.  It is a boon for deaf people, and a great source of amusement for others, because they often get it wrong – very wrong.  Here are some of my favourites:-

During the Queen Mother’s funeral subtitles called for ‘a moment’s violence’, instead of ‘a moment’s silence’.

A visit by the Archbishop of Canterbury was announced as a visit by the ‘Arch bitch of Canterbury’.

Computer-generated subtitles branded the Labour leader ‘Ed Miliband’ as ‘Ed Miller Band’.

The phrase ‘principally chemical and biological weapons’ was shown as ‘The Prince of Chemical and Bionicle Weapons’.

Subtitles called Italian prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, ‘Mr Beryl Beryl’

‘Millions of puppies’ were sold for Remembrance Sunday last year, instead of ‘millions of poppies’.

And my personal favourite, which caused a bit of a stir:-

… pigs ‘love to nibble anything that comes into the shed, like our willies,’  the person talking had said wellies.