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I just read a post on Google plus.  It was one of those nothing much to say, self promoting posts (I would never do that kind of thing) that you often get.  So, why did I read it?  Well this caught my eye:-

Why need facial?


The main body of the post went on: 

Why need facial? Go to the clinic at all times and get care the best treatment as it sounds very nice. Facial, second favorite treatments after spa. This treatment is often done in order to get a clea…

I was so tempted to reply:

Why need grammar?

But I stopped myself.

My name is Lynne, and I’m a grammarholic.  My last correction was 30 minutes ago.

I am a director of the Learn English Network. A non-profit organisation registered in the UK dedicated to helping people learning English and people who teach English online.

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