No Job Title?

I’m beginning to wonder if April has discovered the only job in the world without a job title.

I was running a Back to Basics session in Second Life, and we were discussing vocabulary you need in a supermarket, when April asked me what you call the person who hands out food samples.  You know the one, they have a few plastic forks, or toothpicks with a tray of olives / cheese / bread / sometimes cake, but never chocolate, on display and they ask you if you’d like to try some in the hopes that you will buy some, but for the life of me I can’t think what to call them.

We thought up several words, that wouldn’t work: Demonstrator / Taster / Distributor, but none of them describe this job.  Maybe there is no actual job title, because let’s face it, it’s usually carried out by temps or sales assistants.

In the end I decided on “food pushers” because they hang around on the corner of the aisle, whispering “Do you want to try some?  It’s free.”

(If you know the correct term, please let me know.)


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