Recommended Film – Sightseers


by Patrick O’Connor


HAVING seen the two previous films by highly-rated director Ben Wheatley on television in the last couple of months, I was eagerly looking forward to a trip to the cinema to view his latest offering, Sightseers.

Wheatley has made his mark with black comedies, indeed Down Terrace, a gangster tale set in Brighton and Hit List, a film about hired assassins which morphed into a terrifying witchcraft story, are as dark as the most tasty bar of chocolate.

Sightseers is in the same vein. It takes that most English of pastimes – caravanning – and turns it upside down and cartwheels delightful into a bizarre road film about a couple of serial killers marauding their way through some of the country’s most favoured tourists spots such as Crich Tramway Museum and a spectacular cavern in the Peak District and the beauties of the Lake District.

Steve Oram and Alice Lowe play the couple, Chris and Tina, and they wrote the script which crackles and sparkles as it mixes mundane ordinariness with manic bloodlust.

Initially, Tina is unaware that Chris has a particular, murderous way of dealing with anybody who upsets his rather fragile state of mind but it becomes apparent that she is as unhinged as he is and they embark on frenzied killing spree.

Be prepared to be shocked and if you want to enjoy this film it will help enormously if you have a rather warped sense of humour.



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