The Man Who Forget His Wife by John O’Farrell (Doubleday)

by Patrick O’Connor


VAUGHAN’S ‘bizarre reawakening’ occurs on a London underground station.

He has lost his memory and ends up in hospital when he lingers for several days before somebody (his best friend Gary) turns up to identify him.

But that’s when Vaughan’s troubles really start. The good news is that Gary informs him that he is married to Maddy and they have two gorgeous children.

The bad news is that their divorce is imminent. Vaughan can’t remember his wife or the children, nor can he remember why on earth he would want to divorce the beautiful Maddy.

The Man Who Forget His Wife is a delightfully funny tale which examines how Vaughan tries to piece his life back together again – and why Maddy doesn’t want to have anything more to do with him!

Most chapters end with a gloriously humorous punch-line which will have you laughing out aloud but O’Farrell also reflects on how much we rely on memories – and how unreliable they can be.

Marriage and all its ups and downs are also put under the microscope but don’t despair, this book will leave you beaming from ear to ear.