by Patrick O’Connor


YOU may have to search a bit to get a viewing of this delightful low-budget sci-fi offering but it will be well worth it if you succeed.

The film, an Irish-British production, has picked up much praise on the independent film festival circuit and it is easy to see why.

It possesses bagsful of Irish charm, an quirky take on the sci-fi monster genre, and a very impressive piece of work by the special effects geeks when it comes to the aliens who invade a small island off the coast of Ireland.

As in all the best monster films, you have to wait for a glimpse of whatever monstrosity is decapitating seamen and locals alike but when you see them – nicknamed Grabbers because of their style of attack – it’s a pretty fearsome sight.

There is a token romantic sub-plot involving two local police officers but that is just a harmless aside, the real joy in Grabbers is when it is discovered that these bloodsucking, tentacled invaders don’t like alcohol.

So it’s a case of herding everyone down the local pub for a giant lock-in with the intention of getting as drunk as possible – all in the cause of saving your life of course.

The Irish love their craic and what a better time to sing and dance than when an army of slimy so-and-so’s are swarming around outside waiting to feast on you.

Some of the humour is extremely dark but that all adds to what is a real tasty brew.