News Round Up 35

News Round Up

by Patrick O’Connor

YOU lucky blighter!

The Daily Mirror tells of 34 year old James Humphries, from Newquay in Cornwall, who bought an oyster to cure his hangover – but found a rare pearl inside.

After tucking in James felt a lump in his mouth.

He told the Mirror: “I thought a filling had fallen out. It was only when I spat it out that I discovered it was a pearl. It’s small, but perfectly formed and I absolutely love it.”

Experts say the find is very rare as natural pearls are normally found in pearl oysters – not Pacific oysters that James had bought.

Heather Bell, of Newquay’s Little Gem jewellers, said it was hard to gauge its worth.

She said: “It’s difficult to put an exact price on this, but given the rarity, it’s a priceless find for James. It has a wonderful lustre ­— it’s a beautiful pearl.”

A car dealer has put up a wreck left rusting in a garage for 30 years up for sale for £100,000.

According to The Sun, £250,000 needs to be spent to restore the rare 1949 Aston Martin.

But once restored, the protype DB1 will be worth at least £400,000.

Clive Dickinson, whose Durham garage is selling the 93mph Two-Litre Sports — one of just 15 made — said: “It is very desirable.”

Doreen James has been acclaimed as one of the country’s biggest Rupert Bear fans.

The Daily Express reports that Doreen was given a Rupert annual as a little girl 65 years ago and how has a whole room dedicated to the bear at her home in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

The retired receptionist has spent thousands over the years buying everything from tins of Rupert pasta to ornaments.
Doreen said: “I was in my 20s when I came across an old annual in a toyshop and I bought it for old times’ sake. Then one day I saw an unusual Rupert teddy, with porcelain hands, and had to have him. It spiralled from there.”

Ten year old schoolboy Lewis Eeles has made a real killing on eBay by selling a tiny 83p plastic toy for £1,000, reports The Sun.

Lewis bought bought 12 Trash Pack figurines from Tesco for £10 and discovered one was “ultra-rare”.

Lewis, of Alconbury, Cambridgeshire, said: “I was shocked when I saw the final amount. I’m very happy.”

Oh dear!

A Daily Express story reveals that a church was forced to issue a formal apology after a vicar stunned his congregation when a picture of a naked woman was shown on a screen during a presentation aimed at families.

It happened at St Mark’s Church in Harrogate, North Yorkshire during the middle of the “In The Mix Sunday Session” aimed specifically at families.

The hour-long class using a PowerPoint computer presentation was billed as “cafe-style teaching and discussion for adults and children”.

St Mark’s blamed the incident on a “technical glitch”.

Nice one Miss!

According to the Daily Mirror, a school teacher camped out all night to get One Direction tickets – to give as prizes for the top scorers in a Latin test.

Fifty nine year old Sally Knights spent 16 hours queuing so her four star Year 9 girls could see the boyband play in Cardiff.

Sally, Latin teacher at Redland High School for Girls in Bristol, said: “Because I work in a school with girls, I know what interests them.”


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