News Round Up

by Patrick O’Connor

WHEN it comes to tweeting, we Brits tend to talk about the telly.

The Daily Mail reports on a TV Licensing Study which claims that 40 per cent of all daytime tweets are about television shows.

And not only that, but the study shows that 27 per cent of smartphone owners and 63 per cent of tablet owners use their devices to watch live television.

Oh dear, banking fat cat Rich Ricci has caused a bit of an upset with the naming of a racehorse.

The Independent tells us that when Ricci , chief executive of Barclays Capital, was the subject of a profile in the newspaper in 2011 it was headlined ‘Who’s the fat cat in the hat? The rich world of Rich Ricci.’ In 2010 Ricci earned £44m in pay and bonuses.

Last week Ricci entered a horse at the Cheltenham race festival called Fatcatinthehat. But Labour MP John Mann got all steamed up about this, saying: “It just shows how out of touch these bankers are.”

Well I never!

According to The Sun, a survey on wheelie bins carried out by Birmingham City Council asked householders if they were gay or bisexual as if that had any relevance on their rubbish habits.

Options available in the online poll were “bisexual, gay man, gay woman/lesbian, heterosexual/straight, other, or prefer not to say”.

The council claimed it was trying to ensure responses represented a cross-section of the population but, says The Sun, some residents condemned it as garbage.

So now we know…

The Mail says that the most popular snack eaten by MPs in the House of Commons is the Jaffa Cake. 

Apparently politicians and their staff have spent £12,991 out of their own pockets on the chocolate and orange treats in the past five years at outlets and shops in the House. The total spend on 56 types of biscuits over the same period came to £112,698.

And one politician has revealed an unusual pastime – as a pop singer!

The Independent reports on 55 year old Liberal Democrat junior transport minister Norman Baker who has released a single with his band The Reform Club.

The Lewes MP co-wrote the single ‘Piccadilly Circus’ with his band mates and has appeared in the video for the song walking around the famous tourist hot spot in an open-necked shirt and black trilby.

It’s nice to pass on a positive story from the world of professional football. They are few and far between but The Sun tells us that former Dutch star Edgar Davids, now manager of English League Two side Barnet came to rescue when a coach carrying 36 of the club’s fans broke down on the M6 after the side’s 3-2 defeat at Accrington, 220 miles away from Barnet.

According to The Sun, Davids spotted the supporters next to the coach and dropped off his players at the next service station, before getting the coach to turn around. It picked up the fans and took them to the services where Davids bought them coffee as they waited for a replacement coach.

A research report highlighted in the Daily Express, claims that British men really are like Hugh Grant’s socially-inept character in the films Four Weddings And A Funeral and Notting Hill.

The research by telephone company Gigaset said that most men admit they struggle to strike up conversations with strangers, friends and even loved ones and that almost 60 per cent say they would rather communicate by text than have a face-to-face conversation.

Amy Ward, marketing manager at Gigaset, said: “I’ve lost count of the number of times Hugh Grant has played a socially awkward Briton in a Hollywood movie. But our research shows the stereotypical movie image is true in real life.”

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