News Round Up 39

News Round Up

by Patrick O’Connor

INTERESTING theory put forward this week by the former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Heseltine that British people may be so wealthy that they lack the ‘national will’ needed to secure an economic recovery,.

Lord Heseltine told The Independent said that one theory why Britain’s growth was sluggish compared with India and China was because – unlike the UK – those countries had ‘real problems’.

He commented: “There is no God-given rule saying you’ve got to have a well-performing economy. It could be an indifferent economy. It’s a question of whether the national will is there; whether we want it. And the richer you get the less imperative there is.”

Well spotted…

According to the Daily Telegraph, biodiversity technical officer Simon McHugh was inspecting erosion damage following last year’s floods along the River Otter outside Newton Poppleford in Devon when he spotted the large tooth

The 2.2kg (5lbs) molar, measuring 20cm in length, 7cm wide and 13cm deep, had been exposed by floods and it was later identified as a mammoth tooth between 20,000 and 70,000 years old.

Off the menu!

The Independent tells us that catering staff at Castle View School in Canvey Island, Essex, have been banned from serving triangle shaped flapjacks after one was thrown at a pupil.

A spokesperson for the school, said: “I can confirm that the texture and shape of the flapjacks were reviewed following an isolated accident last week.”

The discovery of the remains of the body of Richard 111 in a Leicester car park last year has caused a right royal rumpus over where he should be reburied.

A report in the Daily Telegraph says that descendants of the monarch have now claimed their human rights have been breached because they were not consulted about the site of his new burial.

Fifteen living relatives are threatening to launch a legal challenge seeking the Richard 111’s reburial in York Minster, rather than the proposed Leicester Cathedral.

A University of Leicester spokesman said: “As the licence holder, the university is responsible for the location of reinterment. Our decision was, and remains, that Richard III should be reinterred at Leicester Cathedral.

“Reinterment on the nearest consecrated ground is in keeping with good archaeological practice. Richard has lain in the shadow of St Martin’s Cathedral, Leicester, for over 500 years.

“Richard III is believed to have no living descendants. Any distant relations are therefore descended from his siblings. Statistically speaking, many tens of thousands of individuals alive today are descended in this way. There is no obligation to consult living relatives where remains are older than 100 years.”

So there!

How about this cat owners…

Inventor Dave Evans from Marlborough, Wiltshire, has come up with a tracking device for animals after trying to discover where his own wandering cat kept going.

The Sun reports that Dave fitted an ultra-light GPS gadget to Yollo’s collar when the car mysteriously put on weight after regularly sneaking out. He uploaded the information when the cat returned on Google Maps.

Dave said: “My cat was getting fat even though I was feeding him less and I needed to know what was going on. Now I know he travels a couple of miles a day, where he goes at night and who’s feeding him. I know he also enjoys chasing chickens at 6am every morning and can see his favourite hang-out.”

Three cheers for people in the remote village of Llanferres, North Wales who displayed commendable community spirit to ensure that Alison Jelley and Michael Roberts’ wedding took place.

The Daily Star reports that the wedding was about to be frozen off because two foot of snow had fallen overnight and the village was cut off.

But the vicar, Rev Adrian Copping, of St Berres Church, enlisted the help of 30 locals who cleared roads and paths, even though they did not know the happy couple.

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