News Round Up 40

News Round Up

by Patrick O’Connor


HERE’S news of a gadget which could prove to be a real life-saver.

The Daily Express reports that a confused great-grandmother has been fitted with a SatNan – a tracking device – because she gets lost while out walking.

Seventy-eight year old Anne Grimshaw, from Rochdale in Greater Manchester, has dementia and, says the Express, regularly wanders off from her bungalow.

Anne is otherwise fit and can walk almost 30 miles in a day but was once found on a motorway hard shoulder.

However her family hope that she can continue to stay in her own house, rather than go into a home and they have attached a GPS tracker to her keys so they can keep tabs on her.
Daughter Joanne Taylor explained: “Mum gets completely lost and doesn’t have the insight to turn around and walk back the way she came. She just walks in a straight line and then has no idea where she is.”
The SatNan – or Buddi as it is properly called – was provided by the local council.

Don’t try and copy TV lawyers! That’s the advice coming from The Bar Council as more and more people are considering representing themselves in court as legal aid budgets are cut.

According to The Independent, The Bar Council has produced a layman’s guide to representing yourself in a civil action.

It includes hints such as: “Make sure you speak loudly, slowly and clearly. You might be tempted to speak like lawyers on TV. Resist this temptation. Lawyers do not really speak like that. Some bad lawyers do, but judges hate it.”

The Harry Potter influence has extended to university. The Daily Telegraph reports that undergraduates can learn about Griffindor and Slytherin – and what they teach about prejudice and intolerance – during the education studies course at Durham. Other modules include Hogwarts and the “commodification of education”.

A big aah for Hungarian Vizsla dog Millie who has to wear ‘funky red boots’ to go outside because she’s allergic to grass.

The Sun says that Millie’s paws come out in painful lumps if she comes into contact with grass because the pads on her feet are so worn down and sensitive.

Now the animal has been kitted out with a set of boots which have rubber soles and attach with Velcro.

Owner Vicki Painter of Warfield, Berkshire, said: “The shoes have made a huge difference. She absolutely loves them. The pads under her feet have virtually worn away from the years of pollen and grass allergies. Her quality of life has changed so much.”

Did it really? A report in the Daily Mirror says that an ancient gold ring believed to have inspired JRR Tolkien to write The Hobbit is going to have its own exhibition for the first time.

It was found in a field in Silchester, Hampshire in 1785, and Tolkien, who was Professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford University, started writing The Hobbit within a year of learning of the ring in 1929.

Referring to the Ring of Power in Tolkien’s work, expert Dr Lynn Forest-Hill said: “Exhibition visitors can decide for themselves: is this The One Ring?”

National Trust property The Vyne, in Hampshire, will host the exhibition.

They said it – not me! A study by the Driving Standards Agency into reasons why examiners fail learners revealed that women clocked up 857,000 major errors last year while men made 646,000.

The Express says that the study showed that women are twice as likely to fail for bad reversing and also make more mistakes with steering and gear changes.
Female drivers need an average 52 hours of tuition to pass but men speed through with just 36 hours of lessons.


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