This one might be considered a bit rude, but it isn’t really.

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First customer:  “Ship my pants. Right here? Ship my pants, you’re kidding.”

Sales Assistant:  “You can ship your pants, right here.”

First customer:  “D’you hear that?  I can ship my pants for free.

Woman: “Wow!  I just may ship my pants.”

First customer:  “Yeah. Ship your pants.  Billy, you can ship your pants too.

Billy: “I can’t wait to ship my pants, dad.”

Second customer: “I just shipped my pants, and it’s very convenient.”

Old man: “Very convenient.”

Third customer: “I just shipped my drawers.”

Fourth customer: “I just shipped my nightie.”

Fifth customer: “I just shipped my bed!”

 Sales Assistant:  “If you can’t find what you’re looking for in-store, you’ll find it at right now, and ship it to you, for free.”

!Note – This is even funnier for a Brit as pants (AmE) are trousers (BrE), in the UK pants are underwear.  Drawers can be underwear too.  I <3 English!

Kmart (sometimes stylized as K-Mart), is an American chain of discount stores in the United States.