News Round Up 42

News Round Up

by Patrick O’Connor


A move to work in the United States has made soccer superstar David Beckham posher!

That’s according to The Sun, reporting on a study which claims that 37 year old Beckham dropped his Hs 80 per cent of the time before signing for LA Galaxy in 2007.

However, after London-born Beckham moved to Los Angeles the figure dropped to 20 per cent. And, surprise, surprise, it had the same effect on his pop star wife Victoria (known as Posh when she was with the Spice Girls). The study was carried out by linguistic students at Manchester University.

A council has come under fire for painting yellow no parking lines down an alley so narrow not even a motorbike can get through.

According to the Daily Mail, the lines were painted down an four foot wide alley in Swindon, Wiltshire, leaving a gap of 33cm in between them.

Swindon Borough Council has passed the blame onto contractors. A spokesperson said: “It seems that our contractors forgot just how big cars actually are when they painted this one. We will be taking it up with them.”

Just like a scene from the Hitchcock film The Birds!

The Daily Mirror has a story about a pheasant which is terrorising a family in the Shropshire village of Wentnor.

Apparently Sally-Ann Hudson (44) is pecked at every time she goes outside and has taken to pulling on thick gloves and wielding a badminton racket to fend off the pheasant, which also targets her elderly parents.

Sally-Ann said: “We began to realise he was unlike other pheasants. He’d stare at us through the windows. Whichever window we looked out of, there he was. Sometimes he would jump up on the windowsill for a better view.

“I go from one room to another and he runs round following my movements. He even tries to get inside – it’s like Hitchcock’s film The Birds.”

That really takes the biscuit…

According to the Mail, police officers in Exeter, Devon were so outraged that a tin of biscuits vanished from their station that they reported it as an official crime. There is even a theory that it could be an ‘inside job’.

A release of list of property record as stolen from police stations in Devon and Cornwall in 2012 reveals that the theft of the biscuits was logged on February 28, 2012 – and remains officially unsolved.

Angry Siobhan Peers, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, was so upset that she has received around 20 letters from the Royal Bank of Scotland saying that her father, who died from cancer in 2011, still owed money, that she took his ashes into the bank to prove he is dead.

The Mirror says that in her effort to close the account, Siobhan had sent RBS a copy of the death certificate within two weeks of him dying. But staff insisted on being presented with the original certificate – and the debt has grown to £625.

She said: “I took my dad to the bank and slapped his ashes on the counter.”


When a thief started to ransack a Range Rover left overnight in a caravan park in Keswick, Cumbria, he didn’t realise he was taking on more than he bargained for.

For, reports the Daily Express, he was spotted by the owner, professional Rugby League player Richard Kenyon.

The 14 stone sportsman, still dressed in his pyjamas, chased the robber more than half a mile across fields and dirt tracks before tackling him to the ground and taking him to police.

Of all the things to get allergic to….

Fundraising runner Ben Dixon (29) from Gateshead, came out in a rash and his face swells up after training runs.

Now The Sun says it has been discovered that he is allergic – to running!

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