1. “Who put the ‘more’ into moron?”
  2. “Who’s wheel is turning, but the hamster is dead?” 
  3. “Who’s the toothless vampire?”
  4. “Is there someone here who’s had a charisma bypass perhaps?”
  5. “Who’s turning out to be thicker than a chocolate omelette?”
  6. “Who’s as much use as a bird with vertigo?”
  7. “So, in this era of digital television, who’s watching the radio?” 
  8. “Who thinks Double Gloucester is a tale of two cities?”
  9. “Who thinks propaganda is having a good look?” 
  10. “Which drip has gone down the plughole?”
  11. “Who thinks Plato is a friend of Mickey Mouse?” 
  12. “Who’d win the Sweet FA Cup?” 
  13. “Who’s as useful as a sauna in the Sahara?”