All three of the above can be found in the murky world of the tattoo parlour.

A professional translation service recently launched a “Think Before You Ink” campaign to cut down the number of terrible tattoo travesties.

One man wanted to show the world how “awesome” but he ended up “awsome” instead.

A young lad was left with “Jenius” branded on his forehead.

A guy in Wales was branded a “Marshian” instead of “Martian”.

And the danger of not being able to read what has been tattooed was very clear when one guy had Chinese characters tattooed on his back, they should have read “Live and Let Live”, but actually translated to “Sweet and Sour Chicken”!

It’s not just the men either.  One woman used an internet translation tool to declare her love for her boyfriend in Hebrew, but instead of “I love David” she got “Babylon is the world’s leading dictionary and translation software” inked on her back.

Other tattoos included:  “Life go’s on'”, “No regerts”, “It’s get better”, “go whereever the wind takes you”, “What didn’t killed me made me stronger”, “Eightteen”, “Streangth / Strenght”, and “Prome queen”.

My personal favourite is from one poor girl who wanted the name of her favourite flower the sweet pea, tattooed across her lower back was left with the words “Sweet Pee”.