CALL the cops, it’s a squirrel!!

Amusing story in the Daily Mail that a woman in her 30s, dialled 999 to call police to a pub in Chester claiming she was being pestered by a squirrel.

When officers arrived at the beer garden of the Shropshire Arms, the woman told them the squirrel had climbed inside her handbag and refused to get out.

On their official Twitter account, the force commented: “Welcome to the varied day of a police officer” and added: “The squirrel was released back into the wild.”


It seems that the traditional English way of greeting someone with the phrase ‘How do you do’ is in decline.

The Independent reports on comments by social anthropologist Kate Fox who said that every nation except England had managed to develop a standardised greeting which was understood by all.

“I know people think that ‘how do you do’ is an archaic, stuffy, sort of upper classy-type thing to say. But we really should be mounting a campaign for its revival because since ‘how do you do’ declined as a standard greeting we haven’t known what to say.”

She claimed that the English did not know what to do with their hands or whether to kiss people once or twice.

“Every single other nation on the planet has a straightforward ritual for greeting someone. We seem to be the only ones who can’t reach a consensus on what’s appropriate.”


Winnie-the-Pooh has come out top in a poll to find the best loved children’s book of the past 150 years.

The poll coincided with the Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi launching Story Time with Barnado’s and John Lewis, to promote reading and support vulnerable children in the UK, says the Daily Mail.

Second place went to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and third was the Very Hungry Caterpillar.


British feet are getting longer and wider.

The Daily Mirror quotes a survey by The College of Podiatry which says that the average foot has increased two shoe sizes in the past 40 years,.

In 1970, men were an average size eight and women, size four, but now that is 10 for a men, a six for women.

A college spokeswoman said: “Feet are getting bigger because as a nation we are becoming taller and we’re increasing in weight.”

She added that weight gain put more pressure on feet, meaning ligaments and joints needed to work harder to maintain the foot’s structure.


It appears Brits still love a fry-up for breakfast.

According to the Daily Express, a poll carried out by The Co-operative Food, showed that eggs, bacon and other extras together with a cup of tea, is still favoured, followed by a bacon sandwich on white bread.

Andrew Mann, from The Co-operative Food, said: “This research shows foods that are seen as the latest fads or trendy ‘of the moment’ dishes may not always stand the test of time.”


American actor Kevin Spacey had little patience when a theatre-goer’s mobile phone went off during his one-man show at London’s Old Vic.

The Oscar winner, who was performing the legal drama Clarence Darrow to mark the end of his 10 years as artistic director at the Old Vic, turned to the audience and said: “If you don’t answer that, I will!” says the BBC. The audience applauded Spacey, who remained in character during the interruption.


Hats off to 89 year old war hero Jock Hutton, from Maidstone, Kent who took part in a tandem parachute jump from 5,000ft into Normandy as part of the D-Day 70th anniversary celebrations.

The Daily Star says that Jock was one of the first Allied soldiers to land in Nazi-occupied France in the early hours of June 6, 1944.

Now he has jumped into the same drop zone as he did with the 13th Parachute Battalion to secure Ranville, the first village liberated on D-Day.

Jock said: “It was very humbling, and I’m highly privileged to be here. I was very relaxed with all my companions in the aircraft but I wanted to get out of that door.”


Soft-top cars are most likely to bought by women in their 50s, says the Daily Mail.

Motor industry analysts say the boom is being driven by older women freed from the constraints of family car ownership.

Automobile Association president Edmund King said: “Many women who have put family behind them can at last afford the car they want, rather than the car they need.”

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