It has just come to my attention that Time magazine carried out a poll of the most overused words of 2013.  Here’s the list:-

  1. Twerk (It’s not the word that’s over the top)
  2. Selfie (This was also named word of the year by the Oxford English Dictionary!)
  3. Passion / Passionate (Especially in job interviews.)
  4. Look (The misuse thereof.)
  5. Robust (Political speak.)
  6. So (So is so overated.)
  7. Delivery (In management speak.  Bullshit bingo anyone?)
  8. Project (Not everything is a project.)
  9. Hashtag (#)
  10. Amazeballs (I’ve never heard of it.)
  11. Doing (I don’t do that.)
  12. Absolutely (Absolutely!)
  13. Fail (Hashtag fail #Fail is a double whammy.)
  14. Responsible (Especially in CVs.)
  15. Anyway (Guilty as charged. Anyway, let’s get back to the list.)
  16. Yeah-No (Usually used by people who are jealous of the German word “Jein”.)
  17. Legacy (Especially when used to defend spending millions of taxpayer’s money.)
  18. Hipster (It’s just not hip.)
  19. Geek (Previously voted the word of the year by the Collins online dictionary.)
  20. Iconic (If it’s really iconic, you’ll know it.)