Interesting Fact – Films

According to linguists Carmen Fought and Karen Eisenhauer Disney films are dominated by men when it comes to dialogue.

(Pocahontas, Mulan and The Little Mermaid were all named after the main female character, but that didn’t help: In Pocahontas 76% of the dialogue was from the men, it was 77% in Mulan  and 68% in The Little Mermaid.

Beauty and the Beast had male characters speaking 71% of the time, while in Aladdin it was 90%.

Early Disney films such as Snow White had fewer speaking roles but spread them equally between male and female characters, and in Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty women seemingly had more dialogue than men.

To be fair it’s not just Disney. In the film The Avengers, none of the female characters talked to each other at any point.)


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